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poniedziałek, 30 czerwca 2014
Virtus.Pro is very old and respected organization at the European scene. Right now they are represented by three well known teams - top3 Counter Strike: Global Offensive line-up (Neo, TaZ, pasha, byali, Snax), top tier WoT line-up (World of Tanks Pro League EU winners) and Dota2 line-up that is still fighting for The International 4 seed with the legendary ARS-ART on the board. Two days ago VP decided to pick up CIS League of Legends team (before known as Dragon Team) that is currently holding top2 spot at the region. Under new name we will see them at SLTV StarSeries X finals where they will fight for 30 000 USD. They are also top contender for a Wild-Card spot at the Worlds (they will fight vs OCE and TR teams).

New Virtus.Pro line-up:
Ukraine Oleg "PowerOfDreams" Bondarenko
Russia Andrey "MirrorEnd" Sinyavin
Russia Viktor "Piter Pokir" Pachkunov
Russia Vladislav "Neon" Zelinskiy
Russia Kirill "Likkrit" Malofeyev

Silver.png SLTV StarSeries Season IX - 7 500 $
Silver.png ESL Pro Series CIS Season II Grand Final - 5 000 €
Gold.png ESL Pro Series CIS Season II Half Season - 1 200 €
Bronze.png LoL Pro League Season I - 5 600 $
Gold.png ESL Pro Series CIS Season I Grand Final - 5 300 €
Gold.png ESL Pro Series CIS Season I Half Season - 1 200 €

Statement of Piter Pokir, player: 
We are grateful to the organization for allowing us to reach a new level. We plan to fully express themselves and live up to expectations and make our fans happy. I hope that our cooperation will be fruitful and mutually beneficial.

Statement of, management:
The idea of ​​taking the composition of the League of Legends soared in October and November 2013. We carefully approached the issue of team selection and eventually settled on this composition. The guys are young, promising, and we hope that they will show excellent results.

Graphic from eSportspedia

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