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sobota, 24 stycznia 2015

1. Fnaticlogo std.pngFnatic
Fnatic was clearly the best team of Week 1 EU LCS. They were the only team to deal more DMG than take. Fnatic also had the highest DMG dealt to champion per minute (2506), highest kill ratio per minute (0.699 kill/min), highest gold earned per minute (1911). They took second spot at average player kill contribution with 73% and also were runner-up in damage dealth per kill or assists with 3585 DMG. Fnatic also had the third lowest death / minute ratio with 0.248. If we look for a bad things about the team we can say that Reignover takes too much DMG compared to Huni. Elastic teams have average of 26-28% DMG taken at Jungler/Toplaner (you can see that on the graphs below). In current Fnatic Reign takes twice more than Huni but after few games it should be around equal for both of them.

2.  Sklogo std.pngSK Gaming
SK Gaming was the most stable team of the week. They look really mature compared to other European teams. Maybe they were not shining and didn't do flashy plays like Fnatic but they for sure will be a contender for a rank 1. SK destroyed the most ward per minute (1.26) and took lowest number of damage (2062 per minute). nRated & co came as runner-up in two statistics: lowest death / minute ratio and overall damage taken per death. They also went third at average kill contribution with 72% and gold earned per minute (1700). SK graphs can and playstyle can be compared to the strong Asian AD Carry based teams. Well you can do things like that when you have FORG1VEN in your pack. There is also ideal equality in DMG taken at fredy122/Svenskeren. If SK Gaming gets a teamcomp that they want to it will be really hard to stop them.

3. Giantslogo std.pngGIANTS Gaming
Spanish team is a revelation of this week. They didn't have strong opponents but still they came better than expected. GIANTS statistics is really weird and we can took out from it that they are based on strong inviduals. They have the lowest average kill contribution with only 55% per player, they were the second lowest at wards placed per minute (2.41) and damage dealth per minute (1387) but at the other hand they had the lowest ratio of death per minute (0.154), biggest number of damage taken per death (14540, far above the rest) and went second at kills per minute / gold earned per minute. It's hard to kill this Spaniards I guess! The problem of GIANTS in the current situation is their botlane. They took a good amount of DMG taken (bottom lane should be around 27-28% together) but they didn't do enough DMG (ADC needs around 23-25% of the teams DMG). Pepi and Werlyb are the two only carries now and Adryh has to step it up and be more useful.

4. UOLlogo std.pngUnicorns of Love
Unicorns debut at the LCS was really nice to watch versus Gambit Gaming. They also lost to the European power house Elements but they tried their best. We can come to the few conclusions when we look at their statistics. Maybe they weren't outshining in anything but they came third at three of them: kill per minute (0.403), DMG dealt per kill or assist (3883) and damage taken per minute (2136). UOL has really interesting graph with 4 semi carries in their team. If we analyze their DMG taken graph we can come to conclusion that Vizicsasci should take a bit more DMG for them. Hylissang is the only European support player that serves as a second tank instead of engager / peeler. When Hyli is always with his team he can't ward enough and UOL had some problems with vision. He was only support that had less than 1 wards per minute placed. More below!

5. ROCCATlogo std.pngTeam ROCCAT
Maybe few of us expected a bit more of the new European powerhouse but we have to wait for them to shine. Good thing about their playstyle is that they warded a lot. They came first in that aspect with 3 wards placed per minute. Vander was outshining with his 142 placed in 2 matches (more below). Roccat also had 3rd damage dealt per minute. New nukeducks' team maybe dealth a lot of DMG but they had problems with killing people. Only 2 teams were worse in damage dealt per kill or assists statistic (6500 per K/A). To be honest Woolite's DMG taken is a shame for such a good AD Carry. Roccat's botlane took 14% more DMG than other EU bottom lanes and Overpow didn't soak enough DMG for Roccat to stay relevant.

6. CHWLogo std.pngCopenhagen Wolves 
For me Wolves are the worse team of this split. They made a huge comeback versus H2k-Gaming and that's why they statistics are not so bad but still they looked really messy against GIANTS yesterday. Sure they had highest average kill per player contribution with 77%, they also came 2nd at DMG dealt per minute and 3rd at wards placed per minute (2.87) and wards destroyed per minute (1.01). They worst aspect is inviduals and killing on the lanes (7030 dmg need to make a kill or assist) and only 0.264 kills per minute. Soren was clearly the best player of the Wolves yesterday. He had the highest DMG dealt overall from all of the players and he was the only one outputing something in the Dannish team. YoungBuck didn't do enough DMG and didn't tank enough. To be honest he was doing nothing both games. Freeze needs to make like 5-6 % more... Copenhagen Wolves is used to have really strong AD Carry.

7. ELlogo std.pngElements
I think I'm not the only one  that expected a lot more from ex-Alliance. Their problem when we look at statistics is that they not play like a team. They have similar stats to the the typical soloQ superstars teams. They were worst at destroying wards (0.82 per minute), 2nd lowest at damage taken per minute (2862), death per minute (0.484 - every 2 minutes someone died). And also came really really bad at Average team kill contribution (62%), wards placed per minute (2.42). More practice should repair their problems. If we check their graph we can come to conclusion that Wickd and Shook are not doing enough. They often goes to deep, gets so much dmg that causes a lot of unecessary deaths. If Froggen doesn't carry who can? Rekkles is to passive and if he gets hard engaged they have to count on Froggen. Same situation like in Wolves to be honest.


8. H2klogo std.pngH2k-Gaming
One good aspect about H2k-Gaming is that they play like a team. They have really good average kill contribution etc, a lot of wards placed and destroyed (2nd in that aspect with 1.03 per minute).  Currently their main problem is killing. They need twice more DMG than Fnatic to force a kill or assist (7178 per K/A), kills are granted only 0.216 per minute. Some of the players also took to much DMG (most from all of the teams, nearly 3000 per minute) which resulted in the 2nd lowest number of gold earned per minute. Shotcaller is what they need. loulex didn't output enough DMG and was the worse jungler statistics wise this week.

9. Mymlogo std.pngMeetYourMakers
The lack of midlaner is real. MYM played this week like a bunch of ranked5 premade. Only 56% AVG team kill contribution, 0.83 wards destroyed per minute are not good statistics. Their problem this week was that they didn't have any kill pressure after Mimer was babysited. MYM had the lowest kill per minute ratio (0.215) and DMG dealt per minute (1170). Good midlaner with shotcalling ability is what they need. RalleZ is passive carry and they have someone to make flashy plays.

10. GambitLogo std.pngGambit Gaming
It's really hard to be a Gambit fan these days. niQ didn't show up to play, Cabochard was not a death treat for opponents. Diamond's Lee Sin was crap to be honest. Gambit had the lowest gold earned per minute, more than 1 death per 2 minutes, only 5050 taken per death. They had good warding but all they did good was then destroyed by stupid engages. They need to step it up. Only P1noy played like LCS player this weekend.

Later today I will upload a player complete statistics with DMG dealt per minute, DMG taken per minute, K+A - D / minute, +- Average %s, Kill contributions, Wards destroyed and placed. See you soon!

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